Preparing for the Sunday Service

Sunday service at Restoring Faith Ministry is very spiritual and energetic. I am from Japan, and I had totally different expectation of what music would be like at a church in Japan. Over here in Arlington Texas, the message is strong, and the music is strong.

Pastor and first lady, everybody is so warm and welcoming. You can really sense that they are all aiming to bring the better for others by praising to the God. They pray hard for others.

At such service, the music plays very important role. The music director minister Erin Watkins says, the music helps to send message to people.

Here is how a week went as a musician at the church.

It starts from receiving text message from Music Director, minister Erin, on Monday or Tuesday. He usually gives 4 songs to learn for next Sunday service. Everybody works on their own parts, and get together for rehearsal on Wednesday evening.

The praise team rehearsal together on Wednesday for about 2-3 hours, Minister Erin spends most of time structuring the songs and work on harmony parts.

On Sunday morning, musicians get to the church around 9 am to get ready for the service starting at 10 am. As people start showing up, the keyboardist welcomes them with nice Jazzy gospel phrases.

At 10 am, the praise team gathers in the pastor’s office, and pastor gives praise to the God. The team members hold other members hand and creates a circle. As Pastor’s praise gets intensified, I feel the unity through the warmth of the member’s hands, and my body and blood heat up.

The service starts by a minister’s praise. As her praise goes on, the church atmosphere calls in for the spirit of the God. The flow is supported by the beautiful piano phrases and decorative cymbal sustains. People raise their arms and tenderly rock their body to the right and left, as getting united with the spiritual atmosphere in the church.

It moves onto praising the Lord with music by the praise team. The service starts with the strong beat.