Guyton Sanders, the Drummer

Since I moved to Texas, when I need any percussion related products, I often buy things at Lonestar Percussions. I always ask for Guyton, as he is always kind and provides great service.

And, when I decided to blog about music in Dallas, I thought of interviewing Guyton. He is the drummer of the famous Texas band, Vandoliers. He works at Lonestar Percussion. I figured that he would be the perfect person for me to ask about local music scene.

I made an appointment with Guyton, and I visited Lonestar Percussion’s storefront. Guyton showed up from the back.

S: Can we talk little bit about those drums in here? You carry Q Drums!

G: Yes, we definitely carry Q Drums. It’s absolutely beautiful craftsmanship. We sell quite a few. Lots of Q drums here. We are pretty happy with them.

S: Do you sell them locally or online?

G: Both. Yeah, right now, we only got 2 Q kits in our stock, which is like a standard steel kit right here. We usually try to carry more in stock. We had quite a few.

S: Wow, it is two-tone shell. I love how it looks.

G: Yeah, it’s something that they use a lot with the Patina. These guys experiment a lot with Patina. We have gotten so many different designs. They are just extremely beautiful. They don’t… they cannot stick here too long. All these people just come here, and just buy them. Yeah, it’s absolutely nuts. I am surprised that this one is actually still being around in here.

And, here is another one we have…

S: Oh, I saw this at NAMM show.

G: Yeah, this is from the NAMM. They make this matt white, and they decided to add few more stripes, just to bring out more.






S: And, you also carry Canopus from Tokyo Japan.

G: Yes, we sure do. I am very familiar with those guys. They are great. They are great drum company.

S: They are very popular in Japan.

G: I can imagine. We sell so many of snares from them. We carry quite bit of Canopus kits. We have three different their Be-Bop kits. And, we have this kit with Psychedelic Red.

S: Oh, the Psychedelic Red was the popular color from 60s, right?

G: Right, Ludwig was the first company to come up with Psychedelic Red.

S: And, I know that you like Ludwig.

G: Yeah, I do like Ludwig. Ludwig is definitely one of my favorite companies to work with. I do play quite a bit on Ludwig.

S: I saw you playing the vintage drums.

G: I do like to play the vintage. It’s something about shells generally. When the shell is made a lot times, it still takes time for glue and layer of the shell to settle in. When you deal with vintage drums, there is something about the aged shell, kinda makes it, kinda have a little more density to it. 

It seems that all the drum companies are going back to their roots.

Continues to next blog.