I am a drummer from Japan. I spent about 12 years playing the drum as a tour drummer. I wanted to settle down with my family and I moved to Dallas in 2015.  I have been contented with a peaceful life in northern suburban city called Lewisville. I was not looking around to find the music scene in Dallas, but my impression of musicians in this city was nothing special. I had not seen any super good musicians or talent… Until one day…

After a year or so after I came to Dallas, I started missing playing the drums. I thought I could ignore the feeling for a while, but the feeling just clung to me, and one day, I finally looked up on iPhone, Craigslist, to see what is out there for me to play the drum somewhere.

At the very first list of the Craigslist classified under drummer wanted, was a post from Anointed Musicians.com, searching for a drummer and a keyboardist for a new church in Arlington Texas. Came from Japan, I had never been to a church in my life, but nonetheless, I called the number.

I loved it. I absolutely loved the pastor, first lady, music director, everybody, as they are so warm and welcoming. The music has a lot of beat, and more I learned from them… Oh… their music is very energetic, beautiful and groove oriented. They showed me lots of references from great drummers in the genre. I totally loved it.

As I spent more time with church, and I had opportunity to see other musicians visiting from other churches, I realized that we have really good musicians in this town!!!

And, this is a kind of experience that my fellow musician friends in Japan and other part of world absolutely have no-idea, if it even exists. Before this experience, I was thinking about music at church was kind of chorus oriented classical music that is mellow and beautiful. Over here, I have seen Shouts, Beats and Rhythm, Dance… just full of energy. And, I have met with many great musicians.

Now I know it. Okay, it is Southern Gospel Church!!! If you know what it is, you know how good they are. But, they do not advertise it. So, for a drummer from other part of world like me, I had never known about this.

So, here I am, I decided to write or post some videos about them.

And, as being a musical instruments exporter, I get across with some dream instruments and its makers. So, I pass on some information about them whenever I have the chance.

I hope you enjoy.

Thank you.

Sunny Yoshida